* I’ll get you the final total in a bit.

Welch received 69 votes. 3 voted Present.

He will be the 70th Illinois House Speaker.

…Adding… Madigan spokesman Steve Brown said Madigan will be sworn in with the new General Assembly. Asked if Rep. Madigan would stick around, Brown repeated that he’d be sworn in and said that’s all the information he had.

…Adding… The three “Present” votes were Reps. Kelly Cassidy, Stephanie Kifowit and Lance Yednock. Rep. Katie Stuart did not vote. It’s expected that at least some will vote for Welch on the floor.

[Old-timers might get that headline. When the House Republicans won a majority in 1994, the headline was “Speaker Daniels!” When Madigan did the same two years later, it was “Speaker Madigan!”]